Dads, Your Words Are Powerful

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What causes our anger?

Oftentimes our emotions pile up throughout the day, and if we are not careful, we can let them out on people closest to us.

I know as a dad, that all sorts of things can get me frustrated or stressed out:

  • Men often love to take on more work than they can handle, causing them to be stressed out and short-fused. 

  • Reading the news can get me angry, frustrated or anxious.

  • When I am over-worked and over-stressed it is easier for me to get angry about silly things. 

  • When I don’t give myself margin in life, it is easier to be short and rash with my kids. 

  • Dads often expect a lot from their kids, and this discipline and expectation can sometimes come out in the wrong ways.

In moments of uncertainty there is an extra pressure on Dads that can result in it being more difficult to watch our words and our attitudes toward our children. It is important that you are extra careful with how you are talking to your children and spouse when you are stressed out. It is important that you watch your margin, your stress levels and take care of yourself emotionally, so you can take good care of your family.