Friendship for Girls: Teaching Healthy Habits to Our Daughters

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The Befriender

“There’s a new girl at school,” Noelle announced while sitting at the kitchen island after school, crunching on sliced apples and peanut butter. “Her name’s Ana. It’s pronounced ‘Ahh-na’ but people keep saying it wrong. She corrects them, but she’s kind of quiet and doesn’t say much.”

Noelle’s mom looked over from where she was digging in the pantry. “Who does she sit with at lunch? Who does she play with at recess?”

Noelle looked down at the countertop, unsure. “I don’t know,” she mumbled.

“Maybe you can be her friend. She would probably like it if someone invited her to sit with them.”

“Maybe,” Noelle said, shrugging. She hadn’t really thought too much about it.

A few days later, Noelle rushed through the door after school, making a beeline toward her dad. “I made a new friend!” she said. Her heart was thumping in a happy way.

“You did? What’s her name?”

“Ana,” she said. “She sat with us at lunch.”

Noelle noticed her mom in the other room. She had heard the conversation. Noelle smiled as her mom winked at her.

As Christians who are friends with Jesus, we can share his love and friendship with others. The Psalms remind us that our hope is in God, and by understanding that truth, we can be strong and courageous.

We’re never alone. He is always with us, in every circumstance! And he gives us the strength and courage we need to be brave enough to reach out to others. When we take the time to notice others and are courageous enough to befriend them, our bravery and kindness may result in one of the best and most worthwhile gifts of all: a new friend.

Parent Conversation Starter

Share your own story of reaching out or being the first one to invite someone to do something with you. Did you feel nervous, excited, worried that you’d be rejected, or something else? Brainstorm ways that you and your child can actively befriend someone else over the next week. 

Things to Think About

Can you think of a time when someone unexpectedly befriended you?

Why is it important to be a befriender?

Daily Act of Friendship

Be a befriender. Invite someone to your house after school or to a sporting event or concert.

Friendship in Action

Inexpensive ways to make a new classmate feel welcome:

• Introduce yourself.

• If they are alone in class, sit beside them to keep them company.

• Ask them questions to get to know them (where they are from, favorite activities, favorite music or movie).

• Ask if they’d like to play at recess or sit by you at lunch.

• Share a snack or treat with them (making sure to ask about food allergies first).