The F.O.O.D. Challenge - A Chapter A Day

The Fun. LoOking. ThrOugh. GoD’s Word. Challenge.One chapter-A-Day-Everyday following these 5 daily steps. -- Read. Listen. Write. Pray. Post.

Read- John 1

Listen- To v12 What does it say to you?

Write- When Jesus came in the flesh, what 2 things does v14 & 17 say he was full of? Why do you think they are important?
Pray-In v11 is clear it's tough to be rejected by anyone, particularly friends. Pray to have godly friends and to know Jesus as a friend, because He won’t reject you. See Rom 10:13

Post-Create a verse image from v12 and post on FB, Tweet and Pin It with a comment, tag #FOODchallenge