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Perseverance and Patience

To biblically persevere in a trial means that you will have to fight for your faith over a period of time. These difficult seasons produce stronger character if we are prepared to be patient.  Not patient in a passive sense, but patient in knowing the battle might take a while.  It is only human to want a test to be over and done with, but God uses them to shape our lives. I find hope when reading Isaiah 40:31, God renews our strength as we hope and wait on Him. This is an amazing promise, when we wait on God we actually get stronger. 

It has been an exciting journey developing and dreaming about The Kristen Collection. Our first book in the collection teaches patience to young girls. It took us five years before we held the first copy in our hands.  We are grateful that God has empowered us to patiently persevere, and we trust many families would be blessed through the collection. 

In South Africa, we are blessed with wonderful weather, and we spend a lot of our time outside. Recently we witnessed one of God's beautiful gifts in nature--an eagle. It is such a majestic bird. And every time we see it we are reminded of the eagle God refers to as a symbol of strength in His word. 

Let’s wait patiently on the Lord and experience and see how he truly renews our strength as we wait on Him.


Do you give up easily?

What is causing your biggest frustration at the moment?


Dear God, fill me with hope and courage as I persevere in my difficult seasons of life. Thank you for making my path straight. Empower me to never give up. Amen