Can You Still Trust God?

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When our relationship is one of delight in the Lord, we are not going to want to do things, possess or use things, or enter into any relationship that will damage, in any way, our relationship with the Lord. Think back to the way you felt when you were deeply in love. To the best of your ability, you didn’t let anything come between you and your loved one. Nothing mattered as much as keeping your relationship as wonderful as it was on the first day you fell in love.

So it is with the person who delights himself in the Lord. Such a person will not want anything that might inhibit, hinder, stall, or interfere with his relationship with the Lord. The person will want only what is good for the relationship.

When we seek the Lord and delight ourselves in Him, we want only what is pleasing to Him and only what He wants us to have. Furthermore, we will be satisfied completely with what the Lord gives us.

As 1 John 1:3 tells us, “Truly our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ” (NKJV). That’s the ultimate fellowship. Knowing God. Communicating with Him—pouring out our hearts to Him and hearing His desires, His plan for us, His purposes. Loving Him with all our hearts and receiving awareness of His vast love. Being at peace with God and knowing God’s peace in our hearts. Praising God and being filled with God’s joy. Being in a position to say, “My God.” That is truly what it means to have fellowship with God.