Why You Matter

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Day One: It’s Time to Figure Out Why You Matter

We are in a crisis of meaning. It seems we have lost the knowledge of what makes our lives meaningful. We have forgotten why we are valuable, all valuable, and equally so. It’s why we hate. It’s why we fight. It’s why we struggle with self-worth. It’s why it’s getting harder to get out of bed. This confusion will be not only a nation’s undoing but also a burden that no person can carry for long. We really need to know why we matter.

We are immersed in a battle of ideas about what makes life meaningful. On one side, you have the remnants of the Christian worldview that believe life is inherently meaningful because it is the handiwork of God, and humans are intrinsically valuable because we are made in His image. On the other side, you have the worldviews that deny God’s existence and argue that life is inherently meaningless because it is the work of random chemical reactions and genetic mutations, but meaning and value can be created by us through our choices.

This is a big difference with profound consequences. I hope to show clearly what is at stake for our quest for meaning if God does not exist. I also hope to show how much we’ve been influenced by a worldview we reject. Both Christians and atheists tend not to realize how much they borrow from each other’s worldviews.

As you further consider what makes life meaningful and why we all matter, be willing to recognize borrowed assumptions that shape your worldview instead of sound and coherent beliefs. In this crisis of meaning, you might be surprised to learn how many contradictory beliefs and assumptions are in your head right now. One way to find out is to question your beliefs.

At the end of today, I want you to write answers down to the questions. Seriously, write down what you think makes life meaningful and why we all matter. Then ask yourself if these beliefs came from Christianity or something else.

Seeing your own beliefs on paper is a powerful experience. Often it makes you say, “I believe that?” Reflecting on and writing down your beliefs may provide the most illuminating perspective you gain from this week. Your answers are part of your foundation. Let’s make sure you know what you’ve built your life on.

Why does your life matter? Do you feel fulfilled? Why or why not? What is your sense of self-worth based on? What gives you the assurance that your life is meaningful?