Make Space for What Matters: 5 Spiritual Habits for Lent

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Why Lent?

Pause for a moment and look outside. What do you see? What makes you smile?

Whatever you just described, think about this: what you saw was always there—it was just waiting for you to pause and notice it.

That’s the basic purpose of Lent: to create space in the middle of life’s responsibilities to appreciate what’s always been there—God’s presence. 

Lent is a 40-day period leading up to Resurrection Sunday. Based on Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness, Lent is a tool that can help you become more aware of God’s voice and His sacrificial love. Although Lent isn’t actually mentioned in the Bible, it was discussed at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD because it provided a rhythm of reflection and repentance for Christians as they entered spring—a season often associated with new beginnings. 

The purpose of Lent isn’t to “better” your life, but to center your life on what matters most: the One who made you and died for you. And one of the ways you do this is through practicing spiritual habits. 

So as you prepare for Resurrection Sunday, let’s explore some spiritual habits you can practice during this season, and make a part of your daily life in years to come.

Together, let’s make space for what matters.