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Building Intimacy With GodSample

Building Intimacy With God

DAY 1 OF 5

Day 1: Is intimacy with God possible?

We talk a lot about intimacy with God (whether or not we actually use those words). Knowing Jesus is supposed to cure our loneliness, give us purpose in life, and help calm our fears. While an intimate relationship with God is presented as a “cure all” for both now and eternity, few Christians actually know what intimacy with God practically means.

One of my favorite authors, Dr. Larry Crabb, once said, “I know that God is all I need, but I don’t yet know Him well enough for Him to be all that I have.”

As we face the fear of losing loved ones, possessions and jobs, do we know God well enough for Him to be all that we have? Is it even possible to have that deep and meaningful of a relationship with the living God?

God told the Israelites, “You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with your whole heart.” I believe that same promise is for you and me. I don’t have more of God only because I don’t want more of God. 

God can use our current circumstances to awaken in us a desire for more of Him. When we seek more of Him, we will have more of Him.

Because intimacy with God is so intangible for most of us, this plan will look at:

Day 2: Barriers to Intimacy with God

Day 3: Worshipping God with Our Hearts

Day 4: Making Intimacy with God a Lifetime Priority

Day 5: What Is Your Next Step?

The goal of this devotional is to help us use this unique time to focus on and develop a hunger for God and a more intimate relationship with Him. We hope that through this plan you will draw closer to the Lord!

Day 2

About this Plan

Building Intimacy With God

In the midst of anxiety, fear, or worry, God's Word tells us to fix our eyes on Him, handing over our worries into His care. But what does that look like practically? What if we don’t feel close to Him? How exactly do we...


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