Who You Say I Am - Part 3

Who You Say I Am - Part 3

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The best movies are all about transformation. An ordinary person transforms into a superhero, an angry person transforms into a kind person or a truck transforms into a fighting robot! Nature is full of transformations. Seeds transform into plants. Eggs hatch and transform into animals. Things don’t always stay the same, they change and grow. God created the universe and everything in it but His best creation is people and people can be transformed too. 

No matter what your life looks like or what your past has been God calls you a new creation. I am who God says I am and He says I am a new creation.

Read today’s verses to see what the Bible says about being a new creation. 

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Who You Say I Am - Part 3

The Bible tells us who God is, but did you know it also tells us who God says YOU are? Declare God's truth over your life, I am a new creation, I am alive with Christ, I am God's workmanship.

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