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All of us, no matter our age, how senior or junior we might be in our careers, what our perceived status might be, whether we are 5, 15, 35 or 95, influence others by our words, written or spoken!

Perhaps the most well-known Bible passage about the taming of the tongue is in James, so let’s have a look at that first. (You might like to read all chapter 3 for further reference.)

James does not beat around bush when he likens the tongue to ‘a restless evil’. 

The pairing of restless and evil makes for a powerful message. ‘Restless’ is defined as ‘offering no physical or emotional rest; involving constant activity’. This is a powerful reminder to us. If we do not rein in the words that come out of our mouth, they will not just damage our own psyche, they will also poison others – loved ones, acquaintances, people who read our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook messages. 

Question: How do you want to use your words? 


Lord God, help me to use my words with care. May my words be life giving, not damaging.