Every Step Of The Way: A 3-Day Devotional with Cade Thompson

Day 1 of 3 • This day’s reading



There was a moment about a year ago when I felt like I was being rejected. I was confused, filled with doubt, and honestly, wondered what life was going to look like for me in the future. But, as I experience life alongside others, I realize that most of us face moments where we are filled with similar emotions at some point.

What makes the difference in moving through those moments, is how we choose to react to the emotions. 

If life was filled only with only mountain top experiences, and there were no valleys, then why would we need to trust God? Most of the time we limit our thinking to what we can see in the natural, when in actuality, God sees the greater picture. He is carefully writing our story; he sees what we don’t and he is faithful. Looking back on that time a year ago, I now clearly see that God’s hand was protecting me, holding me, and ultimately using the feelings of defeat as a part of my story and to move me forward.

One character in the Bible who is a great example of trusting God “Every Step of the Way” is Joshua. I love the story in verses one through seven of Joshua chapter four. Joshua has just finished leading his people over the Jordan river, and into freedom. It’s a huge victory! As a testimony of the miracle they just experienced, Joshua has the people set up twelve stones as a memorial of what God did. Those stones would be a reminder so they would never forget!

This is powerful because it’s so easy to forget the goodness of God in our lives. In our humanness, we tend to quickly jump to the next greatest trend, the to-do list, the social media post... you name it. But what if God wants you to just rest today, and remember what he has done in your life?

I wonder how many of us need to set up stones to remember what God has done in our lives? 

Psalm 77:11, "I shall remember the deeds of the Lord; Surely I will remember Your wonders of old."


  • Grab a piece of paper, and write down twelve things that you are grateful for today.

  • After you write those things out, take a moment, be still, and thank God for each one of those blessings.


“Dear God, help me to never forget all the miracles that you have performed in my life. Help me to remember your goodness. May we never forget that we need you. You are faithful and I am choosing to believe that today. Help me to reflect your goodness, and to be a light to everyone I encounter today, AMEN.”