Grace Was There

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The grace of God has provided for us everything that we need in this life. His sacrifice on the cross accomplished more for us than many know, but sadly, many times, we do not walk in the full extent of that Grace. God is a God of over abounding measure. Even before Adam and Eve were created in the garden, He supplied all of their needs in creation. Now through Grace and the powerful exchanges that took place on the cross, God has also supplied our every need.

The first Grace exchange that took place on the cross was our SIN for Christ’s RIGHTEOUSNESS. He took upon himself the weight and filth of our sin, and in exchange, gave us the joy and holiness of His righteousness. God’s justice demanded a sacrifice be made in order for our sin to be atoned for. Jesus became that sacrifice, and He took upon Himself the punishment of our sin, so that we might enjoy the riches of His righteousness. Because of this, we are no longer bound by a life of sin and death, and have been given Christ’s freedom and holy life.

Declare with me now: “I have been made righteous by the exchange Jesus accomplished for me on the cross– His righteousness for my sin. I have been cleansed of all sin, and accept the righteous standing He has given to me in its place. A lifestyle of sin no longer binds me and I have been set free by the blood of Jesus.”