Putting God at the Helm

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Which King Are You?

Reading through first and second Samuel and into Kings serves as a great reminder that our security is not in our health, or our security is not in our finances or in the income we have. 

Even if all that's taken away, God is sovereign. And that's an amazing thing to be able to read, but also then to turn to our analysts and kind of point them to in this time of uncertainty that God is sovereign. 

And again, you get to the point in these books where you read about king after king in Israel in a quick summary of their life and their impact as leaders of God's people, the Israelites. The contrast is so stark when you go through and read each of those chapters. It just basically starts out: so and so was either a good king following in the steps of David or so and so was not. 

Reading this forces us to ask: who will I be as a leader and who will I mentor others to be as a leader? If there was a chapter in God's word that summarized the impact of my life, what would it say? Would it say I was courageous and bold enough to address the things that God dislikes in the ways he wants? Would it say that I trusted him in his sovereignty and in his wisdom versus aligning and partnering with perhaps another acquaintance or company or partner who has some strength to help me in a difficult situation? 

Would I look to God and say God, like David, do I go to battle or do something else? And that certainly was a test for all the kings. Could it be said that in the scope of the things that I have the opportunity to lead and steward that I left them better than when I was given the role? 

God wants to do something with all of us. He wants us to be like the good kings. But we have to choose anew every morning.

Dick Blanc is an active seed-stage investor and adviser to founders of several startup companies, and he serves as director of the Cedarville University Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program.

Steven Diedrich is the Executive Director for the Baylor Angel Network at Baylor University where he helps engaged students receive a real-life education concerning the inner workings of angel investing.