eKidz Devotional: All About Discerning Truth

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What do you spend most of your time doing?

How you spend your time and the things you focus on say a lot about what you think is important. What are those things for you? Riding your bike, playing video games, talking to friends, listening to music, playing an instrument? 

David, a shepherd boy (who had just been chosen to be the next king), was spending his time caring for his father’s sheep in the fields. But in today’s Bible story, we see that tending sheep wasn’t the only way David spent his time. He also mastered playing the harp and used it to worship God.

While David was spending his time wisely, King Saul—the man whose place David would take—was in need of help. He had disobeyed God and was having a lot of bad days. Nothing seemed to make him feel better. A servant suggested finding someone who could play the harp to calm King Saul. This is where David comes in! One of King Saul’s servants had heard of him and knew he could play the harp very well. So David was brought to the king’s court!

In the first episode of “Out Of The Shadows,” we learned that when Glacia was younger, Nebulos arrived on Polaris, and he tried to tell Glacia that she should spend her time seeking power . . . Check out the audio clip to hear how Glacia responds to Nebulos.


Glacia’s code—“Speak truth, love everyone, and protect the weak”—mattered more to her than power. That’s what she wanted to spend her time following. Just like Glacia and David, the way we spend our time shows others what’s important to us, and that’s one of the best ways we can show true worship to God.

Ask yourself: What are some things people worship besides God? How can you focus on worshiping God in little ways throughout your day?

Challenge yourself: Give God your attention. Show Him He is important to you by spending time with Him each day. Take ten minutes in the morning or before bed to read your Bible. Listen to worship music while doing your homework. Find a daily Bible reading plan on the Bible App. Whatever you choose, do something this week to worship God by spending time with Him.

Pray: God, thank You for always making time for me. Please teach me how to slow down and focus on my time with You. Help me to show others that the way I spend my time can show true worship to You. In Jesus’s name, amen.