Conversations in a Cave

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Elijah has had and performed his share of miracles. He is bold and bodacious, has strong convictions, and is a man of power. He has torn down idols and challenged the prophets of Baal. He has seen God’s hand over his life and knows he belongs to God.

Elijah’s life was not always in a cave, just like we were not always in a “cave.” The arc of life is interesting; it is like a well-written story that is filled with high and low moments and there is a flow that is recognizable by the seasons in our lives. God has given us our own life arcs as a part of His method to applying pressure that we might begin to bare shape, because He is the Potter and we are the clay.

Like Elijah, a lot of you run beyond human capability because God has anointed you to get things done. That is why when you find yourself in a situation it is troubling. You are used to running at a bionic pace, but now you are shut up in a cave and you don’t know what to do. It bears to question…why are you here? Why has God allowed this season in your life to occur? 

We are all in a place right now that is foreign to us and our lives have been disrupted. But why? Why are we all here? Why do you think God has us here at this moment? The entire world has been shut down. God has stopped the whole world and gotten our attention and we are in a holding pattern – in a cave, if you will.

Could it be that we were so busy doing God’s work that we did not have time to talk to God about the work? Could it be that we were so busy doing the work of the Lord that we have lost our relationship with the Lord of the work? Maybe God is shifting your life in another direction and you needed time to recalibrate…Why are you here?

Like Elijah, we have found ourselves in a cave isolated from society. Although God did not design us to be disconnected, being in solitude eliminates intrusions and allows God to minister to us. In these moments of detachment from our routine behaviors, let us train ourselves to take heed where the Holy Spirit beckons our attention.