Make Room

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Have you ever felt like your life was being overtaken by clutter, toys, or treasured belongings? Overrun by schedules, noise or distractions? It often feels that we need to literally and figuratively clean house. At times in the loud, consumeristic, self-serving culture in which we find ourselves, things can quickly take over and push aside the very priorities we’ve said are most important to us. Within our lives, it’s often very difficult to make room and maintain space for God.  The small and seemingly insignificant disciplines that build our lives and grow our relationship with Jesus can get pushed aside. The primary way that we make room for God is to turn from our idols and sin and turn toward God through repentance.  Repentance makes a way for God’s work in us and through us. There is joy in being received by God, but there is also a Godly sorrow that comes before a change of heart. Repentance enables us to make room for God and enables the removal of old ways of living and things that don’t align to the Kingdom of Heaven.  


Repentance requires acknowledgement and change. What is it that has kept you distant from God?  

Where can you make room for God, through Godly sorrow and repentance?