3 Prayers to Beat Monday Blues for the Business Professional

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Monday Morning – Declare Dependence

Monday can be the most stressful day of your week and even more so if you’ve allowed Monday morning anxiety to creep into your Sunday. The bible says if we commit our works to the Lord, we will succeed. Our thoughts will be established. If you have a habit of starting your day by checking emails, adjust your early morning routine, and focus on handing the day and the week over to the Lord.

Dedicate your day to him. Consciously cast your anxieties over to God. He cares about the minutest detail of your business, including the relational dynamics of your workplace. You can trust him to work on your behalf through the day when you’ve commended it over to him.

Monday morning prayer:

Lord, I acknowledge the finiteness of who I am – and the absolute infinity of who you are. As I enter my workweek, I stretch myself past my limitations and into the expansiveness of your presence.

You make me great.

I am nothing without you by my side.

I declare my complete dependence upon you for wisdom, guidance, and strength.

I commit every decision and conversation I will have today into your capable and trustworthy hands.

I ask you to help me meet every deadline with skill, proficiency, and brilliance. I ask you for favor and open doors. I pray that you would help me approach each project and opportunity with a vision for what could be and a plan of action to bring it to pass.

Help me to walk rightly among my co-workers and colleagues and to be a blessing and an asset to my workplace. I lift this day before you now, and I ask you to enable and inspire me to accomplish the needful and succeed in the hopeful. Grant me success, Lord. I depend on you.