30 Days To Pray Through God's Names



The plural name of El, referring to the one, true Creator God, Divine, Deity.

Prayer:  Adoration
Elohim, you are the strong, creator God. In you I find all of the components of all that has ever been created. It is your great imagination which gave the elephant his long trunk and the leopard her spots. It is by your strong arm that the oceans’ depth was first measured and the mountains rose. You chose what color the sky would be and how the earth would feed upon itself, even bringing life through death as a seed dies before towering into a tree. I praise you for the greatness of your creative prowess and ingenuity. I adore you for the fullness of your power. And I honor you for how you have made all things, even the minutia, work together to populate your great creation that we call earth. In Christ’s name, amen.