Level Up! : Influencing Faith Driven Friendships

Level Up! : Influencing Faith Driven Friendships

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A Different Mission

Besties, Girl-Friends, Sister-Friends ... whatever you choose to call them, there is no doubt that the friendships we hold near and dear to us have impacted us in one way or another. We laugh out loud, share embarrassing moments, deep secrets and celebrations with those whom we have entrusted to become a part of our sacred circles.  Some friends we've kept throughout our childhood, others, we've acquired throughout our various stages of adulthood. Different seasons bring about different people in our lives, but as we move forward in grace and faith in Christ, it's so important that we're evaluating our roles within the relationships that we are pursuing. Every friendship is precious and every person has purpose; but our pursuits of people should never take precidence over our pursuits of Christ. If we are to live and run on mission for the glory of God and the love of Jesus,  it's imperative that we evaluate the impact that our lives are having on our social circles. 

When I think about Timothy and Epaphroditus, as Paul mentions in Philippians chapter 2, I am encouraged that faith fueled this friendship in such a way that it caught the Apostle Paul's attention. He writes in verse 19, " [Epaphroditus] I don't have anyone else who cares about you as much as [Timothy] does. The others think only about what interests them and not about what concerns Christ Jesus."  

What a testimony! What a blessing to be known as someone who loves others more than they love themselves! Self help inverts this mission by suggesting that we should question how our friendships are serving us; but remember, as Christ followers, we are called to be a servant to all, just as Christ chose to be the greatest servant of all. That's right! Our lives are not our own. They are not for our personal benefit, our personal enjoyment or our personal satisfaction, but rather to benefit the Gospel by making disciples and by cheering others on to pursue Jesus in their every day living. There is a reason why you have attracted and acquired the friends that you have and it's not limited for weekend pleasures or social media likes. Nope. God has entrusted you to share His love with the hearts and souls that He has gathered around you. This is a serious call to action, because part of your role as a friend should intentionally be reflecting the mission to lead people to Jesus.

As you evaluate your last phone call, your last text message, your time spent with those you consider to be friends, I'd like you to ask yourself this question: "Am I pursuing opportunities to encourage my girls in the Gospel?" I have personally had to ask myself this very question and I am cheering you on as you deliberate in your own heart and mind by considering your intentions and daily opportunities to witness to those you love. Remember, Christ has given you His name, His love, His light and His hope! You have Holy Spirit fire within you to make impacts for the Kingdom and to run on mission in pursuits of making disciples! You are called to do this, therefore you are equipped to do it! Witnessing isn't just for far-off countries, war zones or crusades. It could happen over a routine cup of coffee or through an encouraging scripture shared through a text message. It could happen during a girls' night, in the office break room, where you volunteer or in the car on the way to the mall. Don't limit how God can use you in the lives of those you call friends. Maybe, just maybe, they came into your life so that you could lead them to Jesus!

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Level Up! : Influencing Faith Driven Friendships

Are you influencing your social circle to level up in their pursuit of Christ? Friendships can have a distinctive influence on our lives: our activities, our mentality and even our relationship with Jesus. God has a divi...

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