7 Relationship Goals for Your Marriage

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#1 - becoming a ‘stronger together team’

Mark: When I first met Christine I thought she was gorgeous, and I tried hard to impress her. When the jokes didn’t work, I invited her out for dinner.

Christine: When I first met Mark I thought he was James Bond! He whisked me off on the back of his enormous motorbike for our first date, and he looked very sexy in his leather jacket. We were the last to leave the Italian restaurant that night. Three years later we were married.

Many books and films would end at that point with ". . . and they lived happily ever after." 

Three months into our marriage Mark blurted out: I’m not sure I want to be married, and I’m not sure I want to be married to you! 

I was devastated and cried a lot. I felt totally rejected.

But somehow we kept going, muddling along and sweeping issues "under the carpet." 

A few years later we hit another challenge. This time it was more serious, not because of any particular incident, but because we both realized that our "muddling along" had meant we were drifting apart. 

Ten years into our marriage things started to change for the good. 

We discovered the ultimate relationship goal—God’s vision for marriage—which re-envisioned us. 

Whatever our ideas, God designed marriage to bring together two individuals to be united as "one"—emotionally, physically, and spiritually. His vision is for a loving, trusting, faithful, and committed relationship where the two are stronger together than when apart. 

God’s vision for marriage inspired and united us, drawing us together in the way we were meant to be—living life to the full as a couple.

Gradually our relationship experienced transformation. 


In what ways are you, or could you become a "stronger together team," with God’s help? 


Heavenly Father, open the eyes of our hearts to see the beauty and depth of your vision for marriage. Please use these devotionals to bring fresh direction for us as a couple, so we can live life to the full, together as a united and "stronger together team."