Faith and Farming a 5-Day Youversion by Caitlin Henderson

Day 2 of 5 • This day’s reading



In April 2018, I came to a breaking point. All I could see were strug­gles and heartache—a sick child, a failing market for crop prices, a record-breaking drought, and a strained marriage. I had no power against the big trials, and the feeling of being defenseless overwhelmed me. 

During the height of my anxiety, I remained fervent in prayer. But I couldn’t get a grip because I’d lay my burdens at the cross and, not five minutes later, pick them back up. I didn’t truly believe God could handle them better than I could. 

So, on a cool spring morning as my kids played in the living room, I went into our bedroom, hit my knees, and sobbed into the carpet. With puffy eyes and a heart in shambles, I told God I was tired to my bones of try­ing to fight for control. 

“Anything.” I sobbed the word over and over. “You can have anything from me, God. My children, my husband, the farm, our possessions, our comfort, our safety—anything.” 

Every day I prayed the word anything. Over and over, like a reminder to me and God that I still meant it. I kept expecting something big to happen. Little did I know that saying “anything” was about me working on my own heart. It was about being willing to say, “I’m here. Use me however You need.” 

That one-word prayer changed my life. It opened my heart to trust the God of the universe to handle my life. On the other side of surrender, I found the freedom and ability to focus on God’s commands.

What would happen if you told God “Anything,” gave Him your whole heart, and quit putting your en­ergy and emotions into trying to do your will but instead tried to do His? 

I can tell you what would happen. You would have peace that passes all understanding. You would struggle with picking those burdens back up, but if you clung to that word—anything—then some­thing would change, and that new heart He placed inside your chest would slowly pour out into the open.

What illusion of control do you still cling to? What might it take for you to surrender “anything” to God?