Prayer & Fasting: The Sauce


Today’s Topic of Prayer and Fasting: Wisdom

Take a moment to wash off your day. Grab a pen and paper in expectation of having a heart to heart conversation with your Heavenly Father.  Rid your mind of distractions, overwhelming feelings and thoughts, and the busyness that comes with our daily lives and intentionally choose to lean into God’s presence. 

  • What is God speaking to you today about wisdom? 

  • How will your growth in understanding Godly wisdom affect those around you? 

  • What commitment will you make today to seek Godly wisdom? 

  • What areas in your life are you needing wisdom? 


Father God, I come before you to ask for your wisdom and guidance in my life. My desire is for you to lead me in your truth and to teach me to hear your voice no matter what else is going on. Thank you for your wisdom. 


We encourage you to continue to lean into this time of prayer and fasting and watch God show up in your life!