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How To Be HappySample

How To Be Happy

DAY 1 OF 7

God-Given Emotions

Can you imagine living in a world with no emotions? At first you might think, “Awesome! No fear, no worry, no hurt, no embarrassment. That would be perfect. Nothing would bother me!” But think about it a little more. A world with no emotion also means no laughter, no happiness, no smiles, no hugs, none of the good, amazing human emotions we feel.

God made us to have emotions. And unfortunately, we not only feel good emotions but bad emotions, too.

So, what do we do with all these emotions? First, we need to recognize that having emotions, even negative emotions, isn’t a bad thing. After all, God has emotions, too. We can see all throughout the Bible that God feels joy, hurt, compassion, and so many other emotions. Second, it’s what you do with your emotions that counts.

Know this: God cares deeply about every single emotion you have. Every tear, every laugh, every feeling of fear—God sees all of it and wants to be there for you to celebrate in the laughter and heal your heart when there is sadness.


Day 2

About this Plan

How To Be Happy

As teenagers, there are so many emotions experienced on a daily basis. Discovering how to handle all of them can be a challenge. If you feel feelings—any feelings at all—then this plan is for you.

We would like to thank Switch, a ministry of Life.Church, for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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