You Are More Than a Label

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Lose the Label: Wounded

Recently, God led me through a season that required me to face off with some of my past labels. I had many of them, like we all do, attached to my life that left me feeling “less.” Having battled with food, approval, and affirmation addictions, I emerged feeling worked over. Why? Because labels like “unloved,” “unwanted,” “rejected,” “uninvited,” “orphan,” “insecure,” and “shame” kept me locked up in a private prison. I was running hard to escape them, but those unlovely words continued to hunt me down. 

I would bet most of us allow our identity to be shaped by culture, the events that happen to us, and the words others say to or about us. We search for our place of significance on social media, for a position within families, and hide out behind screens to pacify ourselves. All the while, we unknowingly deceive our significance and self-worth.

I repeatedly thought I was a wounded victim. So how do we move past those lie-infused labels? In order to digest God’s truth, it’s going to require a thorough heart check-up plus an intentional unlearning of those lies. 

God is faithful to lead you into challenges that will stretch your faith. This is a journey you shouldn’t take on your own. You need to include the gentle Holy Spirit to comfort you through this process. I once foolishly thought all my battles were over when I lost the physical weight. But actually, losing the physical pounds were just the beginning of my inner transformation. 

Gain God’s truth: We must acknowledge that our past is a part of our history with God. Those hefty labels and lies won’t look the other way on their own. When you ignore these unwanted visitors into your mind, it takes a powerful grace to diminish the accuser’s voice. If your inner confidence is built on your perceptions of your reality, you’ll begin to view everything through a wounded lens. Until you acknowledge your labels, those pesky voices will continue. With God’s grace and the all-powerful Holy Spirit, you can overcome. You can’t correct what you are unwilling to confront. Whatever you’ve suffered or endured, and you too are feeling less than, then it is time to come to terms with those nasty labels that stop you in your tracks. Don’t shy away; your freedom awaits!