New: New Life, New People, New Song, New Creation

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Almost everyone loves to get new things: new clothes, new phone, new music, new movies, new friends, new classes, new apps, new this, new that. 

Even thrifters love new things — or rather, used things that are new to them.

There’s just something about “new” that makes most people happy because it’s so, well, new.

But, the thing about new is that it doesn’t last long. In today’s fast-paced world, most new things are new for barely a blip of time. Before you know it, they’re outdated, obsolete, or upgraded and replaced.

Because of that, life can easily become a whirlwind of chasing after new things.

But, the most important new thing of all cannot be ordered, bought, or downloaded. This most important new thing never stops being new, never becomes obsolete, and never needs to be replaced. The most important new thing is new life. And it’s available from only one source: Jesus Christ.

Jesus said that new life begins with a new birth. “Humans can reproduce only human life, but the Holy Spirit gives birth to spiritual life.” (John 3:6)

New life is free — it is a gift that Jesus offers to anyone who turns to him with trust and faith.

New life is costly — it requires us to surrender ourselves to God’s love and lordship every day.


And costly.

And amazing!

None of us deserves new life. And yet Jesus offers it to us anyway.

As you look ahead to a new year, don’t forget the most important new thing of all: NEW LIFE!


What new things do you chase after? Why?

When and where did you begin a new life with Jesus?

How do you celebrate and live new life every day?