God Wants His Battle Back!

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God Wants His Battle Back!

When you praise God, He will surround you and fight the battles on your behalf!

One day - My wife, me, and our son were having lunch. As usual, my wife had already prepared food for our son to suit his abilities and taste buds.

Suddenly, our son insisted on having my 'big boy' portion and using my utensils. 

At first, I didn't want to give in but seeing him insist,  let him try. And then, of course, he got frustrated because it was too challenging for him. 

I’m not sure where you are right now. Maybe you are on the verge of breaking down and you have taken too much lately... Perhaps you need to receive this; what if God wants His portion back? 

Maybe you’re too caught up with the details and trying to handle everything by yourself. It's too much, isn’t it? It’s hard because is not your portion. 

You can’t handle it and it’s messy! Because it’s God’s portion. It's God's battle! 

When God calls you, He has already planned everything. 

You may now worry about 2021 because 2020 gave you so much trouble. You worry about your job, business, health, and family. But look, God says; "Not this time My sons & daughters! 

I'm coming through! 

It's My portion! 

It's my battle!"

God wants His battle back!