Fresh Air


The fuel we need

Trying to live a life that we were created to live, without God, without putting the right things in, is like trying to star a car without any fuel in the tank.

Without the very thing that was designed to make us live perfectly, we can try all we like, but we still can't make that God-quality happen ourselves.

We were designed to do everything WITH God's presence.

2 Corinthians 3:17, Paul writes that wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. But I've found that many people try to gain the freedom that only God can bring through the presence of other substitutes. 

Some think that acceptance from others will bring relief, but it always leaves us craving more. Maybe earning more money will help us be financially free but we can have a lot of money and still be a poor person.

It is so hard to accomplish anything difficult or worthwhile when you’re empty of the very thing you need. It's hard to build a good relationship if you're emotionally empty just like it is hard to work fruitfully when you’re starved of vision or purpose.

Without the right thing filling you, you won't get the outcomes you want and without God filling you, you won't get the outcomes you are promised! We need to constantly be filled with the Holy Spirit, or we will always be a sub-standard version of ourselves.

CS Lewis once said, “We are all eternal beings and the temporary can never satisfy for long enough.”

If you’re feeling empty, consider these questions, and seek God in your prayers today.

Q: What are the driving motivators in your life? 

Q: What change could you make to make your relationship with Jesus a priority?