Wise Investments For The Youth

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The Importance of the Season of Youth

Youth is the sowing season of our lives. It is the time when we exude so much energy and idealism, and we think we have so much time to capture all the dreams that we pray for. However, once we step out of college, we would suddenly be encumbered by the pressure to prove ourselves and quickly carve our way to success. The ball of time we thought was secure in our hands suddenly drops and goes rolling towards the unknown and we have to chase it.

No. We want to chase it back to our grasp. Then we realize – life is not as long as we thought it was. We’ll most likely spend around seven decades being alive, two of which we have already consumed in school. The next decade would then be spent finding ourselves, building a career and looking for love.

The next decade after that would be about either strengthening whatever we’ve built the previous decade or alter our course altogether. And before we know it we’re saying, “Life begins at 40.” By then, we only have around three decades left to finally settle down and enjoy whatever it is that we’ve come up with.

See? It’s not a very long life after all. However, the Lord gives us the gift of seasons so we can fully maximize each stage life brings us into. The earlier we learn how to spend each well, the more grateful and satisfied we will be at the end of our journey.