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The Mystery of the MagiSample

The Mystery of the Magi

DAY 1 OF 7

  Why Is Christmas Important?

  The life of Jesus is truly the light of humanity. He stands like a sparkling diamond among the dark coals of human history. His life has brought light to an otherwise bleak and hopeless world. If you could view the timeline of human existence all at once, there would be one mark that shines as bright as the Star of Bethlehem—the life of that humble carpenter from Nazareth. 

His life split time in two. Those before Him looked ahead in anticipation of His coming, and those after Him look back in reverent awe. We even talk about history in terms of Before Christ (B.C.) and Anno Domini (A.D.), “The year of our Lord.” He marked the end of one era and the beginning of another, both literally and figuratively. Because of Jesus, humanity has been immeasurably blessed. For example, care for the sick and mentally ill spread across the world as a result of Christianity. The teachings of Jesus led to the concepts of women’s rights, the abolition of slavery, and care for the poor. He is the light of the society, literature, philosophy, history, spirituality, and all human existence.

No wonder the world stands still on the day we remember His birth. His life and influence are so massive the whole world revolves around them, even when we are not aware of it. It is at Christmas that His influence seems more vivid than usual. The gospel rings out from every carol and cantata, from every card and nativity scene. Keep reading the next six days, as we discuss the absolute power of what these things convey!

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The Mystery of the Magi

The Magi’s role in the Christmas narrative resonates across the centuries. However, their spiritual and historical significance reaches far beyond the decorative mangers and religious portrayal as the “three wise men.” I...


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