Passion, Vision, Action

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As leaders we often want to charge ahead, and we can have a tendency to focus on our achievements and gain a sense of self worth from our busyness, activity or accomplishments. Verse 17 reveals a crucial step in a leader's journey, when God the Father says to Jesus, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased". Before Jesus ever preached a sermon, healed a disease, made a disciple or built His Church, His Father affirms Him and says "I love you, my son" and that He was pleased with Him! What son doesn't want to hear his father say that? 

Jesus’ ministry began after about 30 years of living life, growing up, learning, and working as a carpenter. All pretty regular stuff. But it was pleasing to God. Our sense of worth, value and identity must come from our relationship with God and what He says about us - naked and unashamed before Him. His love and pleasure are not dependent on our activities or accomplishments, but on who He has made us to be and become.  

God also affirms His pleasure in Jesus’ vocation as a carpenter, rebuffing any notion that the “spiritual” ministry He was about to begin would bring greater pleasure. At the start of Jesus’ ministry journey, He is affirmed, and as a result He can confidently walk into the purposes and plans laid before Him, as exciting and as difficult as they were to be. 

As we begin this journey of exploring Passion, Vision and Action in leadership, we enter with an assurance that God loves us, we are His children; and that His pleasure in us does not rest solely on what we might achieve or accomplish as leaders.  

Questions for reflection: What do you tend to rely on most for affirmation and a sense of self worth? Who's affirmation do you often seek? Are you seeking affirmation from the best places?

Action to take: Take a moment to thank God for the identity you have in Christ, for being part of His family, and for His delight in you as His child.