Slō Advent

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


Session 1 - Hope

Part 1. Preparing your heart to be present with God. Allow yourself a moment in silence — acknowledging God is present with you. Perhaps take a few deep breaths. Focused breathing helps the mind to pause, reset, and reorient our attention on God.

Part 2. Slowly read through the passage. 

Part 3. Questions for personal reflection or for sharing in a group. For a group facilitation we encourage a time for people to share their experience without discussion. After each person shares, the group could respond with a “thank you for sharing.” If you are using this for personal devotion we encourage giving yourself time to journal. 

  • Have you experienced “walking in darkness?” What was that like?

  • Have you experienced moments of “light” filling areas of darkness in life? What was that like 

  • We see many names of God in this passage. Do any of these stand out to you? What is your experience with this name?

Part 4. Breath prayers, as provided daily, are a simple way to engage the passage throughout your day. There are two parts to each breath prayer; simply say the first phrase as you breathe in, the second phrase as you breathe out. You can take small moments throughout your day to engage with this prayer (consider setting several daily reminders on your phone). This is also a great way to calm yourself when you get flustered amidst the busyness of life.  

Breath Prayer


Everlasting Father...


Prince of Peace…