What Great Moms Are Made Of

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Day 6: Knowing who you are

For me personally, the journey of motherhood and of life is one of ‘UNBECOMING’. To unbecome is the process of walking away from the way the world has shaped me to think and act, and to fully embrace all that God originally intended for me to be. Now I know that I am first and foremost a child of God before I am a wife, mother, daughter, employer, employee, friend or any other of the many roles I have to fulfil in life. 

Understanding who you are in Christ, changes how you perceive and affect your world, your home and each member of your family. You are not merely a mom. You have been called, commissioned and positioned to reflect God’s glory in your home. Let God’s love flow through you to everyone in your household. Be intentional in creating a space where God’s presence is welcome and where it can linger like a sweet fragrance for all to enjoy. 

Prayer: Lord, in all my becoming, let me become more and more like YOU. Let Your light and love shine through me. Amen.