Under the Influence

Under the Influence

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This Message Is For All

Today's passages are well known, but I would like for us to focus a little more on the context. Toward the end of the book of Luke, we see that Jesus tells his disciples to stay in Jerusalem, not to leave, because He would return after three days. They obeyed him, although many mourned His death, and others did not believe in His resurrection.

After that time, the Lord appeared to them and told them that, even though it was good that they had stayed, there was now a very important work that they had to do; they were going to advance the kingdom of God and bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth. But before they began, they would receive the power to do so.

Can you imagine how they must have felt hearing that promise?

I love the word "power" in the original Greek, so much so, that I named my dog after it: Dunamis.

Dunamis is the power that the Holy Spirit brings upon us. It means "miraculous power, ability, strength, meaning and divine violence."

Many times we have made the mistake of thinking that the power of the Holy Spirit is about us, but this dunamis is to testify to the power of God, not to show the power that we have.

And this message of the Holy Spirit is not reserved for only a few anointed or a few certain people. This promise is not just for those who have an academic degree or belong to a certain social circle. The Holy Spirit is available to everyone!

Prayer: Father, I ask You to fill my life with Your dunamis so that I can reach people with Your message and show the power that comes from You. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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Under the Influence

Under the Influence is a 7-day devotional by Chris Mendez, pastor of Hillsong Latin America. This devotional is designed to give you hope in the middle of challenging and difficult times.

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