The Uncommon Life Daily Challenge from Tony Dungy

Potential--A Couple of Minutes a Day

Do you have moments in your life when you feel like everyone is demanding a piece of you, looking for you everywhere, armed with all their urgent requests and deadlines? So you try to find a place where they don't know to look. Or maybe you just turn off your phone for a few minutes of peace and quiet.

The Gospels mention some similar moments for Jesus (albeit I'm pretty sure without the phone). Times when He realized He needed to get away to be by Himself. Times when He no doubt spent time talking with His Father about what He was going through. Times to put His feet up--a good thing for a lot of reasons--and think.

Why not begin to find some time in your day to be alone and quiet? Find some moments of your day--perhaps in the morning before the day gets legs--to spend time alone with the God who created you and all you see around you. Why not find some time each day to put your feet up and think? God wants for there to be times when you simply escape with Him, alone, and recharge. It will give the two of you the chance you need to hang out together.