What’s the Truth?

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The Truth Test

In the Bible, there were some people called Bereans. The Bereans knew how to use the Bible to find the truth. When Paul talked about Jesus, they tested what he said by seeing if it matched what was in the Bible. That is how they knew it was true that Jesus was God’s Son, and that they could follow Him.

We can be the same way. Be open to learning. Listen to what trusted friends and grown-ups teach you and pray about it. Search in the Bible to see if it holds up. Jesus will show you what God’s good truth is.

Watch This Video Together

Talk Together

  • Share one thing you remember from the Bible story.

  • What are some things you want to know the truth about?

  • If someone needed help finding out what is true, what would you tell them to do?

  • Name some trusted people you can talk to if you need help learning the truth about something.

Pray Together

God, please help me learn and see the truth that You are teaching me. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Read Together

Read the Bible story for today. Take turns sharing what it makes you think about. Ask each other any questions it makes you think of.