Christmas Devotions With Paul Chappell


The Reality Of Our Faith

The Gospel of Luke was written for a specific purpose—to lay out in detail the events of the life of Christ, from the announcement of His coming to the announcement of His return. Though it is ancient, probably written somewhere around 60 ad, Luke is completely reliable. That is because he was not writing merely what he had personally seen or what he had learned by interviewing others, but because Luke was writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. As a result, Luke, like all of the Bible, is completely accurate and without error. 

When we talk and think about Christmas, there are many traditions and legends that have grown up over the years. Many of the things that people think of in connection with Christmas are not actually part of the story given us in the Word of God. Yet for all of the things that have been added and talked about over the years, there is a real, certain, absolute truth at the heart of the Christmas story. What is recorded for us in pages of Scripture is trustworthy.

We do not have to live with doubt. Luke told Theophilus (the name means “lover of God”) that he was writing to provide a solid foundation—certainty—for his faith in the things he had been taught. The early Christians only had the Old Testament and what they were taught by the disciples. We have the completed Word of God and the Holy Spirit living within to help us understand and apply it to our lives. While we will never fully understand all of the Bible until we get to Heaven, we can fully rely on it. Our faith is real and has a solid foundation.

Today’s Discipleship Principle: Everything that the Bible says is true, and we can trust it with complete confidence.