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Speak Life: Choose Your Words Carefully by Treal RavenelSample

Speak Life: Choose Your Words Carefully by Treal Ravenel

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Have An Attitude Of Gratitude - Give Thanks, No Matter What!

Having an attitude of gratitude is choosing to have a positive and grateful attitude regardless of what is happening in your marriage. You are not thanking God for the problem, but you are giving Him thanks despite the problem. The Bible tells us that life’s troubles are inevitable, however, it reassures believers that God has already overcome the world and every form of trouble (John 16:33).  You may not be able to control what is happening or even how it is happening, but you do have control on how you both choose to respond to the incident at hand. 

As a couple, when you possess an attitude of gratitude, you are saying to God that you are thankful for who He is despite the current misfortune. You are not worried about what you do not possess but have decided to appreciate the blessings that God has granted you. You have learned to give thanks whether full or empty, with much or little at all (Philippians 4:12). Having an attitude of gratitude is choosing to be free from the burdens and liabilities of this world and embodying the peace and love of Christ Jesus so that you can transfer that energy into your marriage. When you adopt Christ mindset, you can speak life into your marriage and spouse with ease and comfort. You are not governed by the problems that you face but only the promise that is guaranteed through the word of God. When you and your spouse have an attitude of gratitude, you learn to appreciate each other, flaws and all, and you release a sweet savor in the earth which in turns impacts the Kingdom of God!

Reflection: All marriages face difficulties and oftentimes, they are unexpected and unwanted. Think on the last time you experienced a difficult situation or circumstance in your marriage.  Did you display an attitude of gratitude?  What are three things you could have thought or said differently that may have eased the hurt, pain or even prolonged the longevity of having a less than good attitude?

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Speak Life: Choose Your Words Carefully by Treal Ravenel

Life and death is in the power of your tongue. When faced with marital challenges, couples often give in to the strong emotions they feel toward one another and before you know it, the conversation has escalated and eith...


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