Better Together



If we were to ask a hundred people I’d guess a majority would carry relational wounds. Many carry shame concerning their sexuality from negative experiences or even abuse. When God gives us guidance and points out a map for our relationships, it’s not to strike down on everyone who has failed or thinks differently. It is to give you hope for a brighter future and help you build healthy, sustainable relationships. 

Perhaps you’ve had a lot of sexual connections. Perhaps you’ve gone through a painful divorce. Perhaps you’ve lost your partner. Perhaps you’re stuck in porn addiction.

No matter what God is a God who restores what is broken. Your brokenness doesn’t fill God with disgust. He’s got nothing but love for you. He wants to wipe your tears, he wants to ease your pain and comfort your grief. He wants to make everything new.

God isn’t interested in sorting out all that you have or haven’t done to this day. He cares for you where you’re at not where you’re supposed to be. He wants to set you up for a brighter future. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Jesus didn’t come to this world to condemn it but to save it. Just as he did with the adulteress he’ll even defend you against your accusers, restore you and pave out a better way moving forward.

Are you carrying wounds Jesus are waiting to heal?