Brave Beauty: Finding the Fearless You

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It was a sizzling hot summer in our city this year. Not only were the temperatures scalding, but there was no rain. Days and days went by without rain. 

In the spring, the flowers in my yard were gorgeous. The cool days and spring showers gave them everything they needed. All I had to do was look out my window and enjoy!

But as summer heated up, I just kept watching my plants. They began to droop from being so dry. Telling myself, I’m too busy to go out and water, I did nothing to help them. Eventually, many of my once-beautiful flowers died. They just couldn’t keep going without what they needed.

Our hearts can be a bit like my flowers. When life is easy, it is not hard to wear a smile and be happy. But when things get hot and hard, it’s a whole lot tougher. 

Just as my flowers needed me to water and fertilize them, our hearts need the same. We need to take the time to give them what they need to keep going and what they need is the love of Jesus. 

When we feel rejected, we have to remind ourselves the truth God says: you will forever and always be accepted by God! He puts it in writing in a letter that Paul, a follower of Jesus, wrote to some people called the Romans: “Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.” Romans 15:7 (NIV) The first part of this verse is important, but right now, I want you to skip that part.

Instead, read out loud the part between the two commas: just as Christ accepted you. 

I kind of laughed a bit when I looked up the definition of the word accepted. Want to hear what it means? Generally approved; usually regarded as normal and right. Yes! (Fist pump here!) God says I’m normal just the way I am. He accepts me. He approves of me.

The same is true for you! You are normal. You are accepted, and He approves of you just the way you are.

So you know what this means for us? 

I can accept me. I can approve of myself. You, too, can accept and approve of yourself. If the God of the universe says we’re okay, then we can believe it. 

Say this out loud: I am normal. I am approved. I am accepted!

Becoming Brave 

What do you think of yourself? God says He accepts you and approves of you. Do you accept and approve of yourself? Write down three things you like about yourself just the way you are. If you’re really brave, write six! 

Courageous Call 

Jesus, thank you so much for accepting and approving of me. Help me to really understand this so I change the way I see myself. Knowing You accept and approve of me gives me confidence. In Jesus’ name, Amen.