Journaling Gratitude



As we look back at this year and intentionally practice gratitude, let’s begin with considering how God has been an ever-present help to us in difficult circumstances. 

Often when we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place, our natural response is to seek God and cry out to Him, much like the Psalmist has in this passage. But, when we’re out of that tough place, amid our celebration and relief, we forget to thank God intentionally. 

Like the Psalmist, let’s take time today to acknowledge God’s hand in bringing us to a spacious space (metaphorically) and for wiggling us out of sticky situations in this past year.  

Journaling Prompt: ANCHOR

God’s ever-present help is like an anchor that keeps us steadfast in tough times. Can you take a few moments today to think about some rough seas you found yourself in this past year? Are you able to recognize God’s divine hand in bringing you out of those situations? 

Use your journal entry today to creatively express an ‘anchor’ and thank God for His ever-present help as you do that!