Sketchy People

Sketchy People

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Zaccheus was a chief tax collector and at this time in history, nobody liked tax collectors. They had thugs that would beat people up to get taxes and oftentimes they would pocket some of the money for themselves. Zaccheus, as a tax collector, was definitely not the poster child for upstanding citizens. He was very sketchy. But by the end of the story, he is completely changed, vowing to give back any money he had stolen, times four. This transformation came from spending time in conversation with Jesus. 


1. What is something happening around you that could be categorized as “sketchy?”

2. Is there someone you know who is behaving in a sketchy way? 

I encourage you that no matter what's happening in your life, or people around you that might be behaving sketchy, give an opportunity for conversation with Jesus. Spend some time with Him, because Jesus can turn sketchy people and situations into something very magnificent, something very beneficial and helpful to all of society. 

Maybe you know people that are sketchy and need a conversation with Jesus. I encourage you to pray for them. Pray that Jesus would intervene and spend time with them, and that person would have a true experience with the genuine love of Jesus. 

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Sketchy People

Do you have situations, behaviors, or habits in your life that are a little bit sketchy? You’re in good company. We’ve all been there, including some familiar people from the Bible. How did Jesus react to them and intera...

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