Gratitude: Being Thankful Changes Everything

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So Much to be Grateful For


  • Do you ever feel like you have nothing to be grateful for? 

  • How has knowing God changed your heart and life? 


When great things happen, it is easy to be grateful. But sometimes, we look at our life and find it hard to give thanks. Our life may seem to be defined by a loss or lack. In actuality, we have an overwhelming reason to be grateful because of what Jesus has done for us. If we never receive another blessing from God for the rest of our lives we would still be indebted to Jesus for the precious gift that He has already given to us.

Jesus gave His very life for us. He gave us the gift of eternal life. But on top of rescuing us from death, He also gave us access to the throne of God and a loving relationship with our Creator. He gave us a place to belong in the family of God. He gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit - a comforter, counselor, and ever-present friend. He took worthless sinners and set us free from the prison of sin. Gratitude begins with realizing that Jesus is the “Rock of our Salvation.” Apart from Jesus, our destiny is one of failure, sin and death. With Jesus we are destined to live in hope, victory, and to have eternal life! Gratitude becomes the natural position of our hearts when we realize the magnitude of what God has done for us.  


  • Write out your own prayer of thanksgiving to God.

  • Spend some time thinking about your testimony. What has God done in your life?