Alone But Not Lonely


Day 1: Identity  

“I used to ask questions, second guessing, maybe I’m doing it wrong…”  

I tried to find myself in middle school. I told my mom I wanted to be homeschooled at the end  of eighth grade because I didn’t know who I was anymore. The problem, I would realize, wasn’t my environment. It was a much deeper issue: identity.  

We live in a world that takes every opportunity it can to try and fulfill our identity. Through  relationships, success, verbal affirmation, and other things. We grow up learning we have to “find ourselves”, with little to no other guidance on what that means. The problem is that a misplaced identity is misplaced worth. We’ll live below who we are because we don’t understand our true value. To know who we are, we have to know the one who made us. We have to know why He made us.  

I am a child of God. Such a simple statement, yet a statement more powerful than any other. I  am God’s child. I am called to serve Him and Him alone. I am called to testify to His light and  make disciples of the nations. I cannot fathom why God would choose me, choose us—such lowly sinners. But for the rest of my life, I want to choose Him.  

It’s so freeing to know that all of my flaws, my quirks, my gifts, were crafted by the same hand that made the stars. 

Journal Entry: “I am God’s temple and am called to such a higher purpose than I have been living. My dad said something last night during bible study: DON’T LIVE BELOW WHO YOU ARE. And it hit me that I was living below who I am. I am God’s child. God’s temple. And yet I lived on, just as the rest of the world.” - 2/9/16  

Prayer: God, help me to find my identity in You alone. Only in You will I find my purpose, my contentment, my joy. Only in You will I truly understand who I am. Amen.  

Action: Write down verses about how God views you and tape them on your mirror as a reminder! 

“But You came and took my stressing, what a blessing, I know I’m where I belong…”