A Jolt of Joy

Everything I know about farming I learned from my Dad who was raised on his family's farm in the days preceding WWII. Dad had a love for the land and for the produce that it yielded. His happiest moments were spent digging in the dirt, planting seeds in the tender ground of spring, pulling relentless weeds under the hot summer sunshine and then harvesting the bounty that he and God had grown together!

This is what I learned from my father: If you plant cucumber seeds then you will harvest shiny, green cucumbers. Cucumber seeds never produce onions ... or celery ... or corn on the cob. If you plant tulip bulbs then you will reap a beautiful display of tulips. Tulip bulbs never reproduce zinnias ... or evergreen trees ... or forget-me-nots. You will always reap what you have sown. Seeds are only able to reproduce what their genetic code determines.

This is also true in the animal kingdom because cats only spawn kittens and never give birth to elephants, humpbacked whales or even to piglets. Animals, human beings and insects only reproduce what their genetic code determines.

However, in the Kingdom of God, there is an exception to this irrefutable code of genetics. In God's garden, when you sow in tears, you will always reap in joy! If you have cried yourself to sleep too many times to count and have experienced the sorrow of depression, disappointment and sadness ... do not give up! Joy is on the way! Your tears have fertilized the seeds of joy that God has planted in the garden of your life.

Those who have sown the tears of tragedy, sorrow and disappointment have the greatest capacity for joy!

Joy is not an impossibility when you have experienced deep emotional trauma and pain but it is a certainty in the Kingdom of God. God has not forgotten you but is delighted to partner with you in a bountiful explosion of joy! The very worst moment of your life has the capacity to produce the very best results.