The Man God Made You to Be

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Every man wants to be a better man. We have an innate desire to improve. So why do so many men settle for being just okay? Why do we assume we can’t improve, or that we are tapped out? Over the next four days, we will discuss some practical steps every man can take to get out of the “okay” rut. These are steps you can take today. We hope that in four days you’re making strides toward being the man God made you to be: A better man. 

Day 1: Lies

Growing up my grandfather used to tell us that if you sprinkled salt on a squirrel’s tail you could catch it. You know, that’s just not true. I have tried! If you’re like me, you believe certain things about yourself that just are not true. As I grew up, I learned to stifle my opinions. I believed that what I thought did not matter and that I needed not to challenge the status quo. That is one lie that I believed.

What have you believed and unknowingly accepted? It could be that you are incapable of losing weight, you aren’t smart enough, you will never find a significant other, or you cannot be successful. Whatever the lie is, you don’t have to keep believing it. The problem is that we don’t always seem to know when we are believing a lie. A lot of times it is something that we have just accepted subconsciously. How do we start identifying these lies and calling them what they are? How do we start unmasking the deep rooted lies that we have accepted as truth?  

First, we have to allow God to identify the lies from the truth: To “capture rebellious thoughts.” We need to ask God to give us wisdom and insight into what He says is true. Ask him who He created you to be. Ask for discernment, rebuke Satan, and ask friends and family for their view of you. Flesh out the very things you have always believed and confirm whether or not they are true.  

Second, replace the lies with the truth. This is what it means to “teach your thoughts to obey Christ.” Confirm what is true. Speak the truth out loud. Set up ways to be affirmed in truth and to be accountable to others when they see you not walking in truth. It could mean seeing a counselor. It could mean writing down lies you have believed, then lining them up against scripture.  

Third, create opportunities to watch the truth play out in front of you. Maybe it is finding ways to measure your success. Maybe it is hitting the gym and watching the pounds drop off. Maybe it is getting involved with a singles group at church and talking to a girl. Whatever it is, experiencing the joy of watching the lie die and seeing the truth manifested grows confidence.

Today is the day you stop believing the lies and start experiencing truth. Don’t be an okay man, be a better man.

  1. Allow God to separate the lies you have believed from His truth.

  2. Replace lies with the truth. Write down lies, then check them against what Scripture says. 

  3. Create opportunities to watch the truth play out.