Boundless Gratitude

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Reason #1: God Is Good

I have a confession that may cost our relationship.

I don’t like ice cream.

I’m sorry if my culinary quirks are a deal-breaker. Maybe don’t like sounds too harsh. Let’s say I’m not a fan. Oh, I’ll participate, but a few bites suffice. Here is where I drive my family bonkers. The leftovers always find their way into the freezer door. There sits my half-consumed cup of delight, spoon intact, lingering at my pleasure for posterity. 

My apathy drives those around me to delirium. Since it’s mine, no one else can consume it either. Dangling its delicacy goodness in the doorway, it reminds onlookers of my privilege. My crew stays wound up about this injustice while I remain unmoved. Ice cream is something I can take or leave, which is where many of us fall when it comes to being thankful. We are sort of a-emotional. Thankful is something we know we need to be, but we can leave it hanging in the doorway, ignored indefinitely.

That’s why the Psalms are so helpful. They stir our thoughts and emotions, guiding our hearts toward the things of God when you and I turn cold on the inside. Psalm 107 has the power to propel us out of our frozen indifference for Who God is, what He has done, and how you and I can experience boundless gratitude.

Upon reading the Psalm, the first reason given to offer thanks is that God is good. Our appreciation is not toward what He does or for all He has provided, but solely for being a good God.

He was good before you and I knew we needed Him to possess goodness. For it is His goodness in the form we can perceive it, necessary to cover our sin. Your sin cannot dismiss it, nor will you ever fail to be a benefactor of it. God is good by His nature and His essence. For you now and eternally, He expresses His goodness, at a personal cost that is unmatched. There is nothing more astounding than this one simple reality. Your God is good.

Take out a journal. For the next seven days, begin to note how God’s goodness is made evident in your life. It is a great way to start awakening your reasons to be thankful and tantalize your spiritual taste buds to know God’s presence in your life.