Jesus Over Our City

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Do you find it hard to talk to your family about your religious beliefs? Depending on where you grew up, it may even be difficult to talk to the people in your city about your religious beliefs, especially if what you believe is different than what they believe. Although your family and city should be a safe place to talk about these things, many times they are the place you feel most alone and rejected. 

Jesus understood this scenario.

In John 6, Jesus went to his hometown, and began to teach. The people took offense at his words and Jesus said, “A prophet is not without honor, except in his hometown and among his relatives and in his own household.” Maybe the people there couldn’t look past Jesus as a small child. Maybe they thought he was an unintelligent carpenter that had no authority to teach them. So, Jesus left his city.

But He didn’t give up. He didn’t call it quits. The Bible says, “He went about among the villages teaching.” He left his house but went to another house. He left his neighborhood but went to another neighborhood. He left his city but went to another city.

Have you been rejected? Have you been questioned? Have you been opposed by your family, friends, or neighbors? 

Keep pushing on. Stay on mission. 

Jesus is over our city.