Aligning the Story of Your Heart


God has some very different guiding lessons for us than the ones that are part of  the imperfect story in our hearts. Through His Word, He shows us how to live in freedom. These are called God Lessons. Scripture doesn’t speak directly into every situation, but God certainly provides guideposts through Scripture that show us the way. Living by God Lessons gives us directions that produce freedom, abundance, and joy. Take this opportunity to discover what God’s personal messages sound like. Give Him an opportunity to speak His truths and ways over you in a very personal way. Find the words that will carry meaning to your heart.

Read scriptures about who you are. Go beyond Bible study mode and invite God to be fully present and speak to you. Listen for God’s voice. The voice of the Spirit’s whisper and the confirmation of Scripture are as powerful as if you heard an audible voice. What does He say about you? What does He say about your story? What difference do His love, grace, wisdom, and power make in your life? What is He calling you to be and do?

Pull out your journal and jot down a word or phrase that captures what you hear. You don’t need to hear a booming voice from heaven. You just need to know your story and listen to God’s message to you—and bring the two together.

We want you to find a way to bring all of your insights together in a meaningful way that can really speak to your heart and provide you something you can use as a daily remembrance to center your heart and mind on your new way of living. Over the years, we’ve seen people approach this in two powerful ways. Decide which might fit you best: 

1. String all of your words and phrases together that capture who you are and how you are to live to become a story. Write the story from God’s perspective and let it become a personal letter from Him to you. If you choose, use your nickname in the salutation, and sign God’s name at the bottom to remind you of God’s love and presence. You might sign it “Abba“.

2. Begin similarly by stringing all of your words and phrases together. Now turn the words into a prayer of confession that declares who you are and how you are to live. Prayerfully write this to God as a celebration of and commitment to the new way of living He’s called you to. You can use phrases like “I am” and “I will” to cover your prayerful statements with authority and power.