Our Story: Part Two

Our Story: Part Two

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Lectio Divina

Reading the Bible is important for everyone, but it isn't as easy as reading just any book. The words in your Bible were inspired by the Holy Spirit, so to get the most out of it, you will need the Holy Spirit's help. This ancient practice for reading scripture, known as "Lectio Divina," will help you interact with the living word of God.

  • Read.
  • What are these passages saying? Use outside resources if it helps!
  • Meditate. 
  • Try to listen for God's voice. What is sticking out to you?
  • Pray.
  • Talk to God based on your impressions, or the words and phrases that are sticking out.
  • Contemplate.
  • What is God asking of you as a result of hearing his word?
  • Act.
  • How can you make your life a gift to others now?


(This section is here to put action behind your reading. On some days, your reading will be enhanced by "exercising" what you just read).

As you read through the book of Ephesians this week, pay attention to Paul's usage of "us" and "you." When he says "us," he is referring to ethnic Jews, and when he says "you," he is referring to Gentiles. How does this change the way you hear the message of Ephesians?


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Our Story: Part Two

In part one of this series, we saw that because of Jesus, all of our stories are connected by a common thread. Although our individual paths may look different, Jesus is leading all of us to the same place. In part two, ...

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