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Spiritual needs 

We have such intense spiritual needs because we are constantly drained by sin, the world, and the enemy’s antics and attacks. It is possible to rest, and your soul is still not restored. It is possible to rest without God, but it takes God for our souls to be restored. If the Lord is your Shepherd, He will meet your spiritual need. 

Trying to function when we are out of unction makes us malfunction. However, David tells us that to have spiritual vitality- there has to be a "making" and a "leading." Making the sheep lie down is compelling the sheep to lie down in green pastures. If we had to do this on our own, we would miss certain things. But the Good Shepherd in His love makes us, compels us not to miss or wander away from our green pastures.

God puts us in a place where there is room for only one God, Jesus. We have to give Him control before we can follow His leading. God doesn’t force us beside still waters. He leads us beside still waters. Mostly, the difference between the person that will fulfill his destiny and the person that will not is the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

Ps.23:2 "He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside still waters" [NRSV]

Pray for yourself, your children [even those yet unborn], and for the Church of Jesus Christ. Say, "Father, please keep us from wandering away from or walking past our green pastures into the parched or dry places. Make [compel] us to stay and feast in our green pastures. Father, we ask for the leading of the Holy Spirit of the Living God. We will not lack Your leading, and as You lead us, we will obey You promptly. As we see - we will act, as we hear - we will do. Holy Spirit, please give us hearts that are completely obedient and aligned with You, in Jesus' Name. Amen."

As you sing this Hymn, bring all your spiritual needs to mind and focus your heart on the Good Shepherd, the shepherd of your soul. Make it your declaration that the Lord is my shepherd and I am His sheep, He makes me lie down in green pastures, and He leads me beside still waters.

Shepherd of my soul I give you full control,

Wherever You may lead I will foll-ow.

I have made the choice to listen for Your vo-ice,

Wherever You may lead I will go.

Be it in a quiet pasture or by a gentle stream,

The Shepherd of my soul is by my side.

Should I face a mighty mountain or a valley dark and deep,

The Shepherd of my soul will be my guide.

Shepherd of my soul Oh You have made me whole,

Where’er I hear You call how my tea-ars flow.

How I feel your love how I want to se-rve

I gladly give my heart to You O – Lord.

Be it in the flowing river or in the quiet night,

The Shepherd of my soul is by my side.

Should I face the stormy weather or the dangers of this world.

The Shepherd of my soul will be my guide.